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Camp Description

Camp Augusta’s Wilderness Trips program offers a variety of experiences that take campers into wild settings beyond the bounds of our residential site. Each trip has between 4 and 8 campers and is led by at least 2 wilderness-trained Camp Augusta staff members. We have found that the wilderness trip groups often form very strong bonds within their small close-knit communities while in the wilderness; a result of experiencing many exciting moments and challenges together. 

From canoeing down the Sacramento River to rock-climbing in Desolation Wilderness, campers are likely to find a Wilderness Trip which matches their interest and desired challenge. Each one of our expeditions focuses on providing campers with a genuine wilderness experience in which they can develop relevant leadership skills while honing their awareness of both environmental issues and personal safety. Campers will gain skills and knowledge that give them confidence in wilderness settings, whether on flat ground or towering rock, on two wheels or four hooves. Classic Camp Augusta touches of Wish, Wonder, and Surprise will round out the journey.

Find a trip which suits your needs: 

Session 1 (June 17th-23rd)

  • Backpacking the Lost Coast

  • Backpacking in Point Reyes

  • Canoeing on the Sacramento River

Session 2 (June 23rd-July 7th)

  • Backpacking in Hoover Wilderness

  • Biking the Coast + Backpacking in Point Reyes

Session 3 (July 8th- 21st)

  • Backpacking in Hoover Wilderness

  • TRIFECTA! Backpacking in Point Reyes + Canoeing the Sacramento River + Horse-packing

Session 4 (July 22nd -Aug 4th)

  • Backpacking in Hoover Wilderness

  • Backpacking in Grouse Ridge + Horse-packing

Session 5 (Aug 5th-11th)

  • Rock-climbing in Desolation Wilderness

  • Backpacking in Grouse Ridge

  • Biking the Coast

Session 6 (Aug 12th–18th)

  • Rock-climbing in Desolation Wilderness

  • Backpacking in Grouse Ridge

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