The Road Less Traveled

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Camp Description
The Road Less Traveled is a life-changing educational travel experience for teens; an extraordinary opportunity to join with others, explore humanity, build deep relationships and an appreciation for our world’s vast adventurous scenery and its people. RLT offers domestic and international community service, language and multi-sport adventure travel programs in over 20 countries and throughout North America for students aged 12-19. We engage in a service of presence and active listening in the world supporting young people to get outside, seek adventure, make new friends, build community and understand the world and its people in a new way. We encourage involvement; cultivate leadership, openness and sensitivity, communal participation, social activism and environmentalism.
Camp Activities
Animal Studies, Assorted Adventures (Multi-Sport), Backpacking, Bike Touring, Cultural Studies, Cycling, Environmental Studies, Hiking, Lake / Flatwater Kayaking, Language Immersion, Marine Biology, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Sea Kayaking, Service Projects / Community Service, Surfing, Swimming, Trekking, Whitewater Rafting, Windsurfing, Wilderness Trips
Camp Locations

United States - Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Utah

International - Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Italy, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Taiwan, Tanzania

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