Guide to Summer Adventure Camps for Kids & Teens

Adirondack Woodcraft Camps

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There are two aspects of our camp that we think are especially important. One is our Adirondack setting, and the other is our people. Someone asked us how we found our counselors, and we told them that great counselors grow up to be great parents, and those are the people we bring to be counselors at the camp great parents who are still growing.  What makes a great parent? Patience, caring, humor, an ability to get kids in bed and teeth brushed, and a person who loves spending time nurturing children. 

Our setting in the Adirondacks gives us a place where those children can be surrounded by nature, and step out our doors into pure lakes and unspoiled northern woods where they can trek and paddle into a special wilderness. 
What both these attributes mean is that children come here and they grow. They succeed in new ways, and grow in confidence. They grow in the courage to take on new things. They grow their horizons. The intimate camp setting and the presence of good counselors helps them with communication skills. Being away from home and finding success in their summer world helps encourage mature independence.

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