Guide to Summer Adventure Camps for Kids & Teens

Cheley Colorado Camps

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At Cheley, we believe that every summer in a young person's life is a window of opportunity.  A chance to provide formative experiences that nourish body and spirit.  A chance to put aside the competitive demands of school and sports.  To slow down, open up, and explore.  And in doing so, find out more about who you are.  Campers often say they feel more alive, more connected and more themselves at Cheley, whether they are playing on a snowfield high in the Rockies or cantering bareback around the riding ring.  Imagine waking up every morning to crisp, blue Colorado skies as you spend your summer among friends. 

Our activities include hiking, backpacking, western horseback riding, horse packing, river rafting, mountain biking, technical climbing, sports and more. Campers from age 9 to 18 come to Cheley Camps from all over the United States as well as over 10 foreign countries each year for either a 4 or 8 week term. 

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